Voltage range of SYS_VIN_HV


According to datasheet the SYS_VIN_HV shall be in range 9- 20V and in thermal design guide is written that the best dissipation is actually achieved at 9V.

I’m wondering what defines this lower limit? Why 9V. Would it not be possible to run even with better efficiency with much lower input voltage ?
After carefully checking the documentation I really don’t see any reason for this 9V. On the module there shall be MAX20024, NCP81276 and LTC3636 buck converters that works without any problem down to 5V input voltage. Also the generated voltage is pretty low (ie. CPU, GPU , Core , DRAM etc. supplies that likely to be < 2V )

Many thanks for clarification

So I have this very bold question ;-) - what would happen if you connect in parallel SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV and drive it only with 5A?

Hi daniel,

Understand your thinking about this, but please follow the guide as there are other concerns on hardware design and software control.