Voltage Regulator - Jetson TX1

We have a Jetson TX1 L4T Model P2597 that powers on and boots fine with the supplied 19V 4.74A 90W Max brick. We’re trying to power up using a suggested voltage regulator DROK 3-30V 80W Max that is supplying 19V but when we try to power on the power light flickers and will not boot. Any suggestions or alternate suggested power regulators?

Hi, did you measure the voltage drop? What’s the maximum output current of the regulator? Basically 80W is sufficient for TX1.

the TX1 can run off 12V just fine.

if you are boosting 12V to 19V that the TX1 will internally change back down is kind of a waste.
some voltage regulators don’t like “boosting” more than a couple volts.

power down, unplug the stock power unit. let unit sit a few minutes, to discharge the capacitor, which can hold a charge for like an hour according to other threads. you can try clearing with the power button while unit is unplugged to make sure the cap is discharged.


power requirements are only something like 15W unless you load up every single interface
Input Voltage Range: +9V to +15V DC
TX1 Module Consumption: 6.5W to 15W (dependent on CPU/GPU utilization)