Voltaire 2004 User Manual

Hello all,

Does anyone have the user manual for the Voltaire ISR-2004? In particular I could use documentation on the sRB-20210G.

I know this equipment is EOL but is there any way to get the final firmware for it?

Thank you,


Thank you Erez, however I don’t have a login for that site. How do I go about getting one?

Looks like it is in the Mellanox support portal under the EOL Switches section :

https://mymellanox.force.com/support/SupportProductItem?id=a2v50000000XdSkAAK https://mymellanox.force.com/support/SupportProductItem?id=a2v50000000XdSkAAK

I see the manuals and software image in place.


You can put your product serial under through this link :

| myMellanox https://mymellanox.force.com/support/VF_SerialSearch