VP8 temporal layers

We want to use the TX1/TX2 VP8 encoder in a WebRTC application. We’re trying to use this codec’s temporal scaling capabilities so that the data rate can be dynamically adjusted to the bandwidth. I was wondering if the TX1/TX2 VP8 encoder supports the concept of temporal layers. If so, which API can I use to tune this parameters? I believe I can use OpenMax to achieve this, but I don’t know if your implementation supports it. I also looked at V4L2VEA in the Multimedia API but didn’t anything quite obvious.

I’m aware of the temporal-tradeoff GStreamer property in the encoder, but this is not quite what I’m looking for. I need to send the stream at full rate, and let the SFU forward the stream at different rates to different clients.

I appreciate any lights on the topic, or a confirmation that this is not supported.


Discussing on https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1001136/