Vp9 nvdec


I’m trying to decode VP9 by hardware.
My card is a GTX 1650 super.

I’m configuring the decoder as follows:

CUVIDDECODECAPS decodeCaps = {};
	decodeCaps.eCodecType = cudaVideoCodec_VP9;
	decodeCaps.eChromaFormat = cudaVideoChromaFormat_420;//YUV 4:2:0
	decodeCaps.nBitDepthMinus8 = 0;// 8 bit

	result = cuvidGetDecoderCaps(&decodeCaps);

	// Check if content is supported
	if (!decodeCaps.bIsSupported)

I’ve tryed with 8,10 and 12 bits, and with the four available chroma format and I always get an unsupported codec

any tip?