VPI Disparity Scale Factor?

It seems common for a 16 bit output disparity map to have a scale factor.


OpenCV uses 16. Does VPI have a scale factor? The disparity values seem very small.


VPI doesn’t scale the disparity (or factor = 1).

Something seems off, when I give a max disparity of 64, the max value I get is 2016 - which is 63 * 32.

If I reduce the max to 63 I get a max value of 1984 - which is 62 * 32.

So it seems there is some sort of scaling going on - by a factor of 32?

This is with a 8 bit input, a window of 5, cuda backend, GPU frame input and output, 640x480 input and max disparity of the values stated above. VPI 1.0.


Sorry for the incorrect information.
Yes. The scaling factor is 32.


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