VPI ORB for Jetson Orin


Is the ORB feature detector update available for the AGX Orin? This release note mentions ORB being available for CPU and CUDA backends. VPI - Vision Programming Interface: Release Notes v2.2

Is there a way to update directly on the AGX Orin? My host machine isn’t Linux and I don’t have the SDK since I can’t install it onto the Orin without a Linux host.


Both CUDA and CPU backend ORB can work on Orin (tested with JetPack 5.1.1).
To upgrade to the latest version, you can check our OTA document for info.



Hi AastaLLL,

Thank you! I think I was able to update my Orin with the latest version of VPI. Not through OTA though since I have Jetpack on my device, but the link points to how to update for Jetpack.

Waiting for my device to finish rebooting to confirm.

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