VPI Remap producing green output


I’m trying to use the VPI library for camera undistortion on my AGX Xavier. My input frames are from the MMAPI in the form of NvBuffers in the ABGR32 format. My output format is the same.

I have created a Remap Payload for Polynomial Lens Distortion model by following the tutorial. I know the camera parameters are right.


1) NvBuffer
2) NvEGLImageFromFd
3) cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage
4) cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedEGLFrame
5) cuCtxSynchronize
6) vpiImageCreateCUDAMemWrapper binding for input and output
7) Create temp VPIImages for remap input and output
8) vpiSubmitConvertImageFormat (BGRA8 -> NV12_ER)
9) vpiSubmitRemap (CUDA backend)
10) vpiSubmitConvertImageFormat (NV12_ER -> BGRA8)
11) vpiStreamSync

However, when I render the final NvBuffer, I get a completely green frame. If I remove the remap (Step 9), I see the camera output as expected. The issue seems to be with the remap operation.

I would appreciate any assistance in getting the VPI remap to work.


Could you help to check if any issue in the warping matrix?
For example, could you set it to the identity matrix to see if the same issue remains?


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