VPI Version Mismatch during installation between Jetson & x86_64

Using the installation steps on the following link, I am able to update the VPI on the Jetson Orin to 2.3.9 but when I run the same steps for VPI host components on a linux-x86_64 host, VPI 2.2.7 version is installed. I can see 2.3.9 VPI for x86_64/focal over here but how can I install it?


Please try the command below:



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Thanks, figured it out. add-apt-repository ‘deb https://repo.download.nvidia.com/jetson/x86_64/focal r34.1 main’ note the r35.4, on the installation page it is mentioned as r35.2

I’ve been using VPI (version 2.2.7)
my jetson orin nx cannot update the VPI to 2.3.9 using the link,it’s for x86, not for arm64.
can you tell me how to update VPI to version 2.3.9?
Much appreciated.

@lunar112233 use the steps from this link. Specifically Updating to a New Minor Release (link). replace release with r34.1 I think that should work

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