VPI: write own function with VPIIMAGE

hi everybody,

I am hoping that someody can help me. I am using some functions of the VPI library. But I still need some more functions. Is it possible to write his/her own function with the help of the type VPIImage.
Conretely, I would like to create an alpha blending of two images (with VPIImage as the input argument type). I know that there is a function of alpha blending in OpenCV but I would run a function with the help of GPU (VPI, cuda) to be faster.
Unfortunately I do not find any kind of documentation of grab the element of VPIImage and like add them.
If somebody has experience or other possible solution, I am very glad to hear of them!

Thank you for your help! I appreciate!


May I know the VPI version and the environment you work on (desktop or Jetson)?

In VPI 2.0, there is an API that allows self-defined functions.
You can find more information below: