VR Issue with RTX 2080


i have figured out some issue concerning the 2080 RTX and VR Software.
The general issue seems to be that some Games (Fallout VR, Windows Mixed Reality Portal, Propagation VR etc) are crashing in VR or showing weird glitches (check the Videos and screenshots below)

After a long processing from Dell Support to Acer Support to Microsoft Support we now narrowed the issue down to the RTX 2080.

We tested this on serveral machines and the GPU Drivers seem to be the issue here. In general all games work (even very heavy GPU demanding games like Everspace) but some seem simply not to work.

We checked this with an RTX 2080 Super and there the issue is not existant.

So in short words, there seems to be an issue with the current driver of the RTX 2080 which prevents me from using it for VR.

Any advice here? Is there maybe a new Driver coming out that addresses this issue?