VR Works 360 Mono Stitching Problem

I am currently trying to stitch 6 GoPro Hero 5 videos using nvstitch. For a 60 fps video stitched at 60 fps, the first 52 frames in each second jumps by 8 frames while the last 8 frames are in-sync. This repeats for each second.
Anyone knows what may be causing this? I don’t get this error when I stitch it frame by frame and create a video out of it.

Update: I could fix this problem by re-encoding the GoPro videos with ffmpeg and then stitching the re-encoded videos. However, this adds a lot of overhead which I am trying to avoid.

Hi. We would like to debug this issue.

Can you provide some sample 80 fps footage for each of the 6 GoPro Hero 5 cameras along with the stitching, rig, and footage XML files that you are using? This will help us quickly reproduce the problem here. I have created a temporary secure FTP site where you can upload the files. Here are the credentials.


Password: Y6/o2j=9