VRworks 360 2.1 -> Seams alignment issue

Our company works in VR area. We are shooting videos using 5-cameras or 8-cameras rigs, and stitching them into 360 degrees panoramic video to watch it via Oculus. We found your site with VRWorks360 tools, and found your methods as very interesting and efficient. We downloaded your version 2.1 for Windows and calibrated our shots using your nvcalib_sample.exe. We have managed to generate calib_rig_spec.xml with quality 0.92-0.93. Then we started to apply your application nvss_sample.exe. It aligned our camera frames in a proper way, but at the seams we could see different artifacts, especially if we have moving objects intersecting the seams.

We used different options like “–dept_align”, “–mono_eq”, but the most interesting option in such situations is “–seam_offset”. Our idea was to get the stitched image without seams offset (i.e. with the default seams), and some images with some offsets to left and right, and then replace some rectangles around moving objects intersecting a default seam by rectangles located on the same positions from some images stitched with the seam offset.

However, we found that your images obtained with seam offset are not aligned to the image stitched with the default seams. In your documents we read thet you could set the offsets before the alignment and during stitching. Obviously, in nvss_sample.exe they were set before the alignment and during the alignment you take into account their positions. But it looks like significantly less useful tool than just moving the seams after the alignments.

Please, could you help us with it? Maybe you have an option that was not indicated in ./samples/nvss_sample/README? Or maybe you could get the access to another executable that does exactly the same but with setting the shifted seams after the alignment?