VRWorks 360 Video Calibration Issue (nvstich shows "Camera rig configuration is not supported")

I calibrated 360 camera which has 4 cameras using nvcalib_sample in VRWorks 360 Video SDK. But if I used that calibration file on nvstitch_sample, it shows “Camera rig configuration is not supported” error.

If I edited focal_pixels in the calibrated file manually, I could run nvstitch_sample with no error but output stitch quality was not good.

Is there any way to suppress/avoid “Camera rig configuration not supported” error in nvstitch?

(When I used another 360 camera which has 6 cameras, there’s no problem. So it could be more sensitive if we used fewer cameras)

I found that if I ran nvstitch with “mono” mode (not “stereo”), it worked well without “not supported” error.
I guess there are some limitations to run nvstitch in stereo mode.

Still investigating how to suppress the error in stereo mode though.

Stereo stitching is not supported if there is not sufficient overlap / horizontal FOV in the calibrated rig specification. This is the cause of the error that you are seeing.

Total horizontal FOV (N*FOV) needs to be at least 720 to run stereo stitch with no stereo separation. This means that left and right eye panoramas would be the same. Since this is not usually the goal, additional total FOV is required to be able to get the stereo effect. For reasonably sized rigs, total required FOV is 900 or more. To be safe, you should aim to have 1000 total horizontal FOV.

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VRWorks 360 Video Team