VRWorks 360 Video processing/visualization delay

Dear Mr/Mss,

We are currently working on a project requiring the live stream of 360 degrees video in an immersive environment for an industrial application.
For the true immersive experience, VRWorks 360 Video seems a viable choice. However, an important question is the delay between the video input and the visualization after processing. My first question is:

  • How much is the minimum achievable delay approximately for the VRWorks 360 video processing of the input video, in milliseconds, assuming a high-end GPU (that is open for suggestions)?

The second option is projection onto a 360 degree screen or CAVE display.
Therefore the same question applies: how much is the minimal achievable delay approximately between the video input and the projection using the multiple screen/CAVE display video processing with Nvidia Mosaic, Quadro Sync and Warp and Blend? The cameras are static so the Warp and Blend has to be applied only during calibration.

I look forward to your response and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Tom Staessens