VRWorks 360 Video SDK 1.1 monostitching issue

when I just change the value of output_video_options pipeline “stereo” to “mono” in stitcher_spec.xml,

nvstitchCreateStitcher() function returns "bad parameter"value(retval ::NVSTITCH_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER) in nvstitch_sample project.

previous version didn’t make any problem on this change.

So I tried to find cause, comparing difference between current and previous.

but I couldn’t find it. Are there what I have to modify??


Changing the pipeline parameter to mono is not enough to run mono stitching, as the output panorama aspect ratio is different between the two options. When changing between mono and stereo pipelines, panorama height needs to be updated too. For mono, it should be half of the width.

Let us know if this resolves the issue.


Ryan Park

Thanks a lot Park. I resolved it by your assistance. It works well, just changing panorama height.