VS2005 Debugging/Breakpoint Questions

Hi all,

I’m trying to set a breakpoint in a .cu file that’s running host code, but the VS2005 debugger happily skips past the call from my .c file. Setting breakpoints in the example .cu files provided in the SDK seems to work, but they all seem to be application builds. In my case, the .cu file is wrapped by the .c file and everything is tied up into a static library file. Everything compiles/links/runs fine, but I would like to use a debugging technique that’s a bit more sophisticated than printf!

Also, I’ve noticed that I can load the CUDA header files by right-clicking over the #include <file.h> and selecting “Open Document <file.h>” in the SDK examples, but not in my own code. Like I said, everything gets included just fine on the build (I checked all the additional include/library paths), but for some reason the editing environment can’t find the files. (Note: the standard headers and my own includes work just fine.)

Thanks everyone!


OK, just found out that I wasn’t generating debug info for the .cu file. D’oh!

But… if anyone has any ideas about the CUDA header thing… Let me know!!!


and if you try to execute on emu mode?