VS2012 C++, CUDA 5.5, Thrust

i have some questions about CUDA:
A few days ago i bought a GTX570, installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and installed CUDA 5.5 (with the help of http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/5_5/rel/docs/CUDA_Getting_Started_Windows.pdf). I read, that Thrust is already included in new versions of CUDA, like 5.5. The installation worked fine and i didn’t see any problems. The computer passed all tests of the posted pdf. Only one thing was a bit strange: The description said “The .rules file is installed into $VisualStudioInstallDir\VC\VCProjectDefaults.” But i didn’t find a “.rules” file there. After the installation i tried to compile some of the example files but everytime i got errors like “kernel32.lib could not be opened” and indeed in the included/linked path “common/lib” of the CUDA Samples were some librarys but not kernel32.lib and the other librarys of the error message. So the first question is: Why does the CUDA installation and the installation of the CUDA examples not include the necessary library files? And how can i get them?
After that i tried to run a simple thrust programm, that worked fine on an other computer (but Linux and gcc compiler) and which produced a runtime error on my computer. According to the error message the reason of the runtime error is divison by zero. In the “launch_calculator.inl” file of CUDA the line “std::size_t num_blocks_per_multiprocessor = properties.maxThreadsPerMultiProcessor / num_threads_per_block;” divides by zero, so “num_threads_per_block is zero”, but why? I never changed a variable like this one! The function/line, that leads to this error is “thrust::sequence(d_vector.begin(), d_vector.end());”. So the error occurs while filling a simple vector with a sequence of integers…
After that i tried to compile a very simple example program of thrust (http://thrust.github.io/) with 4 debug messages:

#include <thrust/host_vector.h>
#include <thrust/device_vector.h>
#include <thrust/generate.h>
#include <thrust/sort.h>
#include <thrust/copy.h>

int main(void)
std::cout << “1” << std::endl;

// generate 32M random numbers serially
thrust::host_vector h_vec(3200);
std::generate(h_vec.begin(), h_vec.end(), rand);

std::cout << “2” << std::endl;

// transfer data to the device
thrust::device_vector d_vec = h_vec;

std::cout << “3” << std::endl;

// sort data on the device (846M keys per second on GeForce GTX 480)
thrust::sort(d_vec.begin(), d_vec.end());

std::cout << “4” << std::endl;

// transfer data back to host
thrust::copy(d_vec.begin(), d_vec.end(), h_vec.begin());

return 0;

The compilation works fine but it takes 45 seconds! It is a very simple program, so why does it take so much time to compile it? The execution of the compiled program needs a lot of time as well. After appearance of debug message “2” it takes 40 seconds, before debug message “3” occurs; all other debug messages (1,2,4) appear immediately. I completely dont know, why the program and the compilation have such a bad performance.

I hope, that you can help me with some of the problems.

Thank you

For Microsoft Visual Studio 2008,CUDA will install some .rules files into $VisualStudioInstallDir\VC\VCProjectDefaults." ,but for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012,there are no .rules file anymore,there will be some files(CUDA 5.5.props/CUDA 5.5.targets/CUDA 5.5.xml/Nvda.Build.CudaTasks.v5.5.dll) under C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\BuildCustomizations instead.It seems that the pdf need to be updated.
For errors like “kernel32.lib could not be opened”,when you open the solution file samples_vs2012.sln, it will ask to upgrade to VS2012 projects. Make sure you don’t choose Upgrade. It seems the sample projects still use VS2010 setting to build and upgrade projects to VS2012 will cause some issues.
I compiled your thrust program on my win8 64bit system with GTX570,it only take within 5s to compile.After appearance of debug message “2” it takes about 3-4 seconds, before debug message “3” occurs.