VSCode Settings.json for Linux and Code 2022.3.3


I’m developing an Extension using Code 2022.3.3 on Ubuntu LTS 22.04 with VS Code as the editor. I used the kit extension template, which has a .vscode/settings.json file setup for the python linter.

However, the above settings.json seems to be Windows specific (and Code version specific?).

For example, its looking for:


Whereas on Linux I have a: omni.usd.schema.sequence-2.2.1+104.0.lx64.r.cp37 (different version, and lx64 vs wx64).

Is there an easy way to setup/configure settings.json for Linux and Code 2022.3.3?

Also, what is the best strategy when moving development environments between Linux/Windows (which would have different settings.json)?

Thanks for your help!