VSCode with Isaac Gym

Hi all,

How to best use VSCode or other editors / IDEs with Isaac Gym?
Also from the python code alone, I don’t know which functions are available through the API. Like gymapi.acquire_gym() is obviously a function of the gym API but I can’t find a reference or implementation of it in gymapi.py. Same for other functions of the API, which makes development extremely difficult, if you don’t know which functions are available…


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Regarding the first question: you just need to select and activate your python environment inside CSCode, the one with Gym and other libraries installed on, check out this link:

I already have that but that still doesn’t help me with knowing which functions etc. are available (second question).

@noshaba The entire documentation is shipped with the Isaac gym you have downloaded. Open the issacgym/docs/index.htmland you can refer to the API structure. But still, many functions don’t have good documentation and you have to find those inside the repo and understand them by yourself or try going through Issac gym videos on YouTube by Nvidia Omniverse or you can go through some codebase like this (GitHub - leggedrobotics/legged_gym: Isaac Gym Environments for Legged Robots) and understand a specific implementation of an environment.

Hope it helps!

Hi, yeah thanks I found that out by now. The only issue that kinda bugs me still is that Vscode etc. don’t give you the suggestions for the available functions in the gymapi and you need to check them yourselves.

Same here!