vSphere 6.0 U2 gpumodeswitch fails

I am unable to install the vGPU gpumodeswitch utility in vSphere 6.0 U2
I get the following error:

esxcli software vib install -v /NVIDIA-GpuModeSwitch-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585.x86_64.vib
 ('NVIDIA_bootbank_NVIDIA-VMware_ESXi_6.0_GpuModeSwitch_Driver_1.0-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585', 'The VIB NVIDIA_bootbank_NVIDIA-VMware_ESXi_6.0_GpuModeSwitch_Driver_1.0-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585 does not contain a signature.')
       vibs = NVIDIA_bootbank_NVIDIA-VMware_ESXi_6.0_GpuModeSwitch_Driver_1.0-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585
 Please refer to the log file for more details.

My server has dual Tesla M60s.

Thank you in advance.


The easiest way to change the GPU mode is to use the ChangeMode .ISO and boot your server from it directly. You can do that by copying the ISO to a USB key and booting from that, or if you have a management system that allows you to mount ISOs to the physical servers (iLO, DRAC, UCSM), you can remotely mount the ISO and have the server boot directly from it.

Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to use the .vib, I’d suggest one of those methods.




could it be possible that you have already installed the vGPU manager .VIB on this host?



I am having the same issue. I can’t boot to the iso either, I don’t know why, I can boot to any other iso I try, but not the Nvidia one. I’ve tried every suggested method in the documentation, but can not get the modeswitch loaded.