vSphere 6.7 U2 NVIDIA Driver 430.27 - 0.00B Memory on some cores

Have 2 M10 cards per server. ESXi 6.7 U2 upgraded driver to 430.27 and now some cores on the M10 show 0.00B memory allocated in the Graphics config on the host via vSphere Web Client. All cores show as Shared Direct however xorg is not loading for some of the cores.

Any ideas?

This is what fixed it for me.

  1. Put host in maint mode.
  2. From GUI change one of the GPU cores from Shared Direct to Shared and leave restart X.Org service in place
  3. Magically now all cores show 8GB RAM available
  4. Change Shared core backed to Shared Direct
  5. Exit maint mode

We applied ESXi 6.7 patches as well as upgraded from 410 to 430 driver during the same maint window. One of those clearly caused the xOrg config to get fried. Going through the above steps put everything back in order for us.

That sucked!