vSphere 7.0.3 (ESXi) with Nvidia A40 GPU NVIDIA-SMI has failed because

Hi Nvidia Team,

I can´t get a Supermicro AS-2114GT-DNR with a NVIDIA A40 up and running.
I set the BIOS Options:
SR-IOV = Enable
Above 4G Decoding = Enable
IOMMU = Enable

On vSphere Client I set the Graphic Device Settings to shared Direct.

I installed the driver from nvid.nvidia.com → Version 11.9 vSphere 7

esxcli software component apply -d <path-to-the-NVIDIA-vGPU-Manager-.zip>

After rebooting and adding the PCI Devices to the VMX → there is no profile availible:

On the ESXi host the NVIDIA-SMI shows only: NVIDIA-SMI hast failed because it clouldn´t comm…

is this the right driver?
On the docs I can find a driver with 14.2 → not 11.9?

Thanks a lot


Why did to take 11.9? This LTSB version is not supporting A40.
You will need at least the 13.x LTSB driver branch.


Hi Simon,
there is no other option in my nvid portal. Where can I get the right Version?

It seems you have a filter active. You should see multiple different versions.

Hi simon,

fixed. I don´t know how, but i got finally (chrome privacy tab) the latest version.
Thanks a lot!