vSphere DLS license server IP change issue

Hypervisor: VMware ESXi, 8.0.2, 22380479
DSL version: nls-3.2.0-bios-ESXi

I deployed the OVF, and assigned a /24 ip on a specific vlan, however we need to do a big network switch and move the IP to a different vlan on a /22 subnet. I attempted to change the ip through VMware under monitor and configure vApp, however this fails and nothing ever comes up. I am unsure how to fix this or should I just redeploy a new nvidia license server and migrate everything to the new ip.

There is a special ip address change script available. See documentation

so I should use that and not change the IP through the vApp console like it recommends in the nvidia-license-system-user-guide? I followed the guide to setup the IP and set the ip through vApp and never ran the ip address setup script.

Issue was that I forgot to update the vlan on the network adapter to the new vlan I was moving too and needed to wait a bit of time for the chance to take place.

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