vSphere host profile creation failed...


I was test Mellanox vSphere ethernet driver It support iSER and some bug patched since 1.9.10 one.

But whenever try to create a ESXi host profile was failed everytime.

vCenter Server show me a error stack that “unknown” only.

How can I resolve this problem?

I tried create ESXi 6.0 update 2 host profile from scratch.

When I create ESXi host profile with vSphere VPI OFED with SRP target success,

but ESXi 6.0 update 2 host profile with vSphere VPI OFED 1.8.3 with iSER Target failed (also with vSphere OFED ETH OFED with iSER target, too)

If you want I’ll upload vm-support bundle.

Could you check it to resolve this problem?

  • update!

Here is a ESXi log…

  • update2!

vSphere OFED for ETH driver create host profile successfully!

I think some problems in ESXi configurations.

After reset the ESXi host’s configuration and install vSphere OFED then host profile created successfully!

But, vSphere OFED 1.8.3 with VPI iSER was failed everytime and also any update like ETH iSER driver

Could you check this ESXi host log to resolve this problem?


Not sure I understand what you mean by “was failed everything”. what is the Esxi OS type?

Could it be you have import a vSphere host profile with the older driver version not removed? Or did you created the profile from scratch?

The right sequence is to remove the previous mlnx_ofed driver + reboot the server, then create the profile using new mlnx_esxi ethernet driver v1.9.10.5

For troubleshooting the root cause of profile failure you can generate a vm-support bundle and look at var/run/log/vmkernel (or syslog) output files