VSync doesn't work anywhere, ever (940M)

This is occurring on XFCE with Xubuntu, but I have tested it also on KDE (Kubuntu) and Cinnamon (Mint). This occurs using drivers 367.35, 364.19, 361.45.18, and 358.16 (I can’t try any others so basically it always occurs).

Vsync doesn’t work anywhere. Not inside of X, not inside of games (Wine or native), not in video. Nowhere. Screen tearing is readily apparent no matter where I go.

My Configuration: Lenovo Flex 3-1480. Skylake i7-6500U with Nvidia 940M.

I read somewhere else in the forums that vsync might not ever work with Kepler architecture chips, but 940M is Maxwell. Does the same problem apply?

Please see the attached screenshot. “X Server XVideo Settings” always shows “Unknown” under “Currently synced to display”. This exact symptom occurs on every distro listed above. I have gone through every combination of reinstalls, newer versions, older versions of drivers. I have tried every setting I’ve found on every forum (though I admit, maybe I’m screwing something up). Disabled/enabled compositing. Compton and/or ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On. None of the above work with Nvidia drivers.

Is there anything I can do? Or should I wait until the driver mentioned in https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/775691/linux/vsync-issue-nvidia-prime-ux32vd-with-gt620-m-/ is released? I’m not even sure that’s relevant to my card or not. Any clarifications or ideas would be great, thank you so much :D

Screenshot here: http://imgur.com/TNjf4eB

There is nothing you can do until that driver is released. It’s not about the GPU arch, it’s in the software. You will also need the new version of x.org server when that comes out.
Edit: By the way, you can use iGPU instead if you want tear free until this is solved.

Another thing that used to remedy the problem somewhat was tripple buffering but other than that If you really want to have Optimus setup (I presume you have on even though you haven’t mentioned it) and VSYNC working then you will need to get bumblebee+primus (e.g. you will use iGPU for everything but OpenGL apps via bumblebee wrapper).