Vulcan Driver for Linux Tegra K1 (ACER Chromebook under Chrouton/Ubuntu)?

The only drivers I see require a Tegra development board.

I am using an ACER Chromebook with Tegra K1. (I also have a SAMSUNG Chromebook)

Please don’t tell me that shipping NVIDIA hardware is not supported. ;^)

When/where can I get the drivers?

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Wondering this myself too!
I hope thats not the case!

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This unfortunately is not in our control since those devices are not made by NVIDIA.

We ship Vulkan drivers on devices we control.



Given that Acer is shipping your HW, someone at NVIDEA is talking ot someone at Acer about SW support.

Could you send me an email contact for either or both? Organizational department name? Any info?

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