Vulkan 1.2 support with driver 445.75

With driver version 442.82 my MX150 reports Vulkan 1.2 support, but when I install the newer 445.75 its gone.
Why has the support for Vulkan 1.2 been removed and when will it be readded?

Vulkan 1.2 is currently only included in beta release drivers. 445.75 is a general release driver, meaning it comes with Vulkan 1.1.

As of writing, the latest beta driver for Windows is 442.82 (the one you listed in your post).

Presumably, general release drivers will start shipping with Vulkan 1.2 once it has been sufficiently tested and deemed stable enough. For now, you’ll just need to stick to beta drivers.

You can keep an eye on the latest beta driver releases here.