Vulkan applications sometimes freeze Shield tablet


I noticed that running the Vulkan fish demo very rarely freezes the whole UI of the shield tablet. The image was frozen and none of the buttons of the Android UI were responsive. (by “very rarely”, I mean that it happened only once)

I’m developing a Vulkan application, and unfortunately this application also sometimes freezes the whole UI, but much more frequently (around once every 20 runs).

Here is a gist of the Vulkan function calls made right before the freeze. The freeze happens during or after the call to vkBindImageMemory right after the start of a frame.

Let me know if there’s something I can do to help debug this. I can upload the APK in private if needed.

Which Shield Tablet model do you have?

Shield Tablet LTE US (32GB)
Shield Tablet LTE RoW (32GB)
Shield Tablet Wifi (16GB)

Shield Tablet K1 (16GB)


Mathias Schott

Sorry for the late answer. It’s a K1.

It’s bit old but if I remember correctly, the main hypothesis was that the system would run out of memory but for some reason the Vulkan program was not killed by the oom-cleaner even though it’s the one consuming most of the memory.