Vulkan Beta Drivers & Linux 5.6

Can you please update the vulkan beta drivers (440.66.14 right now) so that it is possible to use the kernel 5.6?

It has been two months since version 5.6 is available.


I agree
I’m still using the 5.5 kernel because of this situation

Which distribution are you running? If you’re using an Arch-like distribution, using Tk-Glitch’s PKGBUILDs would be an option. If not, then downstream could relatively easily just patch it in the meantime, given that the old 440.64 patch is still good for use on the latest Vulkan driver release – the one I did a while back still applies, at least.

oh man, this is so old, i already forgot, why the vulkan drivers wont build me a proper kernel module …
ya, thanks for dipping my nose to it again, but … isnt it about time to … i mean we have kernel 5.7 soon and the new dxvk wants us to use the vulkan beta drivers … wich dont go in on kernel 5.6 without patching it.

please, can you make the vulkan drivers build on kernel 5.6 ?

We’ve been without a new driver for two months.

those of us who play on linux, we are practically forced to use the vulkan beta drivers, however these are based on a driver that is more than 3 months old

nvidia frequently updates these drivers, but never patches them to support new cores

I really don’t see the point of having these two separate drivers