Vulkan Chopper Demo Error

execute gl_vk_chopper.exe

C:\Users\chebert\Documents\Work\Development\nvpro\shared_shources\main_win32.cpp<281>: ERROR:
wglCreateContextAttribsARB<> failed for OpenGL context.
Coult not create GL context: 4.5

i’m using gt 645m
geforce gt 645m supported OpenGL 4.5

refercne :

why appear error message?

Vulkan Threaded Rendering Demo is very well

Do any of the other Vulkan applications (such as tri.exe or cube.exe from the Vulkan SDK) run?



Have you tried setting the gl_vk_chopper.exe to use the Nvidia chip-set in the nvidia control panel?

Some more details regarding Nicks108’s suggestion: