Vulkan Cuda support VK_NVX_binary_import

Since the last Vulkan release ( there is VK_NVX_binary_import to load and execute cuda bins. I just wanted to ask where I can get a driver that also supports it?

The normal nvidia drivers have supported this extension for quite awhile. 465 and 470 definitely both have it, but I believe much earlier did as well. It’s very poorly documented though.

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You are probably right, totally missed that. thanks

Is there any example code out there?

I have Vulkan, with a GTX 1050Ti (471.41) but vulkaninfo.exe does not report VK_NVX_binary_import.
Is it available on newer architectures only?

Can’t get it working. Even with the simplest cuda kernel, I get a ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error when it is loaded with vkCreateCuModuleNVX. I compiled it with nvcc -cubin.