Vulkan on Ubuntu 16.04

We need to use vulkan 1.1 on vgpus. We were able to get it working without issue on windows 10, but on ubuntu 16.04 we get "Failed in ICD vkCreateDeviceCall". We get this in built in demo apps like vkcube as well as our own apps.

We have this working on physical machines and VMs running windows 10, it is only on the VMs running ubuntu that we are running into this.

We’re running a Tesla T4 board in a supermicro server, citrix hypervisor 7.6, ubuntu 16.04.
NVIDIA Driver Version: 410.107. The system is licensed successfully. OpenGL apps work.

We ran into the issue with the base vulkan 1.0.61 that is installed by default on ubuntu 16.04, we tried 1.1.73 from the graphics ppa, and 1.1.82 directly from lunarg, which matches what we’re running on windows 10. We always get a failure to create device on ubuntu.

Does anyone have any ideas why we are running into this?



You might want to post this over in the Nvidia Developer forums for greater visibility.