Vulkan RTX Example

Is there a good Linux or multiplatform Vulkan RTX example?
I found this but it has several errors. The worst is that textures are not loaded.

The example run on Windows fine, no texture missing. i think you need do some modify to make it work on Linux.

I aslo learn vulkan RTX from other two example :

  1. SaschaWillems’s vulkan example is good for beginner, contains 3 rtx samples


  1. NVIDIA’s implementation of RTX ray-tracing in Quake II is amazing, with many high level features.

you can get full game with assets form here:
and source code form github:

Two projects both support build on Linux and Windows.

I’m going to do some advertisement for my own project:

SachaWillems examples came after I finished mine, so I cannot comment on their quality (I assume they’re quite good, given the repo history).

Otherwise yes, for something that NVIDIA is pushing so hard, its own examples are quite bad.

Cool project GPSnoopy.