Vulkan: slow performance on nVidia GTX 1650

Hi! I have slow performance on simple app - text rendering 200 FPS on nVidia GT 1650

Drivers 551.86, Windows 11

AMD RX 6500 XT - 3700 FPS

I attached nVidia NSight project and exported C++ from nVidia NSight Application

GPUIndex 1 // for selecting GPU for multi GPU system (10.6 MB)

Hi @AndreyOGL_D3D, it has been a while.

I checked the app on a 4080 Super and get around 700-720fps.
Is there an option to run this in fullscreen mode? Would that make a difference?

I also see the shell spamming

vkQueuePresentKHR has returned VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR

not clear where that comes form.

In any case I will bring this to the attention of the Vulkan team, let’s see if we can get some feedback.


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Hi @MarkusHoHo, thank you for your response

You should find inside setup.cfg section [render], and change option fullscreen

fullscreen 1


Yeah, it does not really make a difference.

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Additional information nVidia 1030 301 FPS
Driver 552.12 Windows 10