Vxgi for Unreal Engine 4.27.2

Hi there team!

Hoping you could help me out. I’m looking to employ vxgi for vr stuff for cards that dont have the juice for ray tracing, and im a bit stuck.

Looks like the repo for this that was linked to goes somewhere else now?

Additionally, if its not supported wondering how difficult it is to whip up a quick update to the final ue4 version and get this bad boy with your logo on it out into the wild. I’ve complied the engine before with your ray tracing stuff, but ive never made source modifications myself, not even sure where to start there, but I understand it was very deeply integrated into the engine.

Appreciate the time!

Hello @captain_keys_343,

There is still a working download linked from the VXGI developer pages.

But beyond that I don’t think there is any live resource on VXGI.
The original owner is also not available at the moment, so I can’t get help there, especially not on the “quickly whipping up” side of things. Which I doubt we would be able to do anyways, since this project has been dormant for more than 2 years.

Hi thanks for the reply, Markus!

Thanks for looking that up for me, I had actually seen that link before and was what I was referencing. The link to the generic make your own engine style VXGI framework does indeed still work, but the ue4 github linked on that page does not return the VXGI github, which I understand might even have been removed from github entirely?

Regarless, that link only goes to the current RTXGI builds and caustics ue engine builds.

I think the ue build specifically was very deeply integrated, with correct ui elements in correct menus and modifications to both engine and VXGI implementation to work specifically with UE4 and some of its idiosyncrasies for rendering (how it handles emissive materials with specific shading types and whatnot).

So I suspect that even if I were to climb that mountain of integrating it myself I think it would probably not work regardless, or be significantly inferior to what even the very old engine builds that still exist can do.

All that said, I strongly suspect that just getting that code with all the work done and throwing it into the new engine would probably compile without too much hassle, perhaps? If not too much happened in the back end pipeline? I’m really hoping that might be the case.

I understand the project is dormant and not the direct focus of the company, as you guys are (largely rightly) pushing your RTX stuff right now, but this tech has a lot of promise, so if I could push you to make that contact on my behalf when you are able, it would really mean a lot if you could do so.

As i’ve learned from some very large source code releases from microsoft of late, sometimes things are just a simple ask away at many awesome companies, they just dont get to the right desks.

Much love and thanks for everything you do in these forums, very busy bee! -Ben

First of all thanks for the nice words, I appreciate it.

You are correct, the specific github repo was taken down a while ago.

I got feedback now from some of the people involved in the project, but they are not set up any longer to try and re-vive the vxgi integration to UE 4.72.

I will still try to contact one of the contributors, but since he is on a longer leave, I don’t know if or when I will hear back from him. So pleas don’t get your hopes up.

I am sorry if this is less than helpful.