W10 1809 Stability Issues - Driver update?

Hi and hello,

during our test drive, our W10 desktops with Update 1809 freeze when unlocking a locked VM. Not everytime, but very often.
Drivers used: NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-6.5-410.92-410.91-412.16
Hardware: Tesla M60 - grid_m60-2b

I. Can anyone confirm this combination to run stable and what has to be done for that?

II. I see there is still no official support running W10 1809 and nVidia Grid at this time - when will it come?

Any help would be appreciated because test drive will end soon!


vGPU 8.0 was announced yesterday during GTC with support for Win10RS5 and Server 2019. The release should be available end of the month.