Wait for Pathtracing Rendering with writing Data


Since I can’t use regular writers for my project I decided to use following code to save my RGB images. Unfortunately it does not wait for full rendering in Pathtraced rendering mode. Is there a possibility to wait for the end of the rendering?

self.rp = rep.create.render_product(self.camera_paths[0], (self.resolution_x, self.resolution_y),force_new=True)
self.rgb_image_annotator = rep.AnnotatorRegistry.get_annotator("rgb")
rgb_image_data = self.rgb_image_annotator.get_data()
#np.save(self.data_directory + self.output_names[0] + "/rgb/rgb_" + self.im_id.zfill(8),rgb_image_data)
rgb_image = Image.fromarray(rgb_image_data)
rgb_image.save(self.data_directory + self.output_names[0] + "/rgb/" + self.im_id.zfill(8) + "-color.png")


This is how it looks. It is really blurry

Check out subframes. It might be exactly what you’re looking for to set a certain quality of image before advancing.