Wait until TRTIS is Ready . .

I want to create my operator by Using this doc.when I try to run a script on 10.1.2. topic. I stuck never ending at " Wait until TRTIS is Ready . . ." .
I think the doc probably out of date such as tritonserver instead trtserver. Can I get a new doc or suggestion for creating a operator pls.

Thanks for your interest in Clara Deploy.

The example Clara Deploy pipelines have all been updated to use the newer Triton inference server, but unfortunately this section of the docs was not updated. This will be corrected in the next release.

The older TRT server container does still exist in NGC, so these examples should still work assuming you have the correct directory structure. You can find examples of this in the bundled operators in Section 9 of the docs.

You can also check the status of the TRT server in your example by issuing the command in the wait loop:
curl -s ${trtis_local_uri}:8000/api/status
Where ${trtis_local_uri} is set as in the script.