wake-on-lan not working

can you guys wake up your jetson with an wakeonlan signal? I tried everything and it doesn’t work. I took a look at the settings with ethtool and it shows this:
Supports Wake-on: pumbg
Wake-on: g
on my asus mobo I have the same adapter and it works just fine…

really, no one ever tried this? someone from nvidia here? :(

I just tried, but no response.

It is possible that (A) the WOL functionality of the network is not tied to the system (if it were a desktop PC I’d say maybe the NIC is not wired to the motherboard for this), or (B) the boot code does not support it (if it were a desktop PC I’d say the BIOS setup). Would be an interesting experiment to build u-boot for this if that is the only limit. If the integrated chipset WOL feature isn’t connected to anything there isn’t much that can be done.

yep, exactly my thoughts. thank you for trying. I wanted to confirm first that it’s not only my setup that’s screwed up. I have to see how I go about rebuilding u-boot.
if someone has more knowledge about the wiring to check the schematics if the board is even capable of WOL (if the NIC is even connected to the power while shut down), that would be great. I don’t see any LED activity when the board is powered down, so maybe it’s already a hint that it isn’t connected to the power source?

I haven’t heard of anyone trying WOL, so I’m not sure if the hardware and L4T kernel and U-Boot support it. I also know that some Wifi devices don’t support WOL in Linux due to bugs in the Linux driver. So unfortunately there are various things that all need to be working for WOL to completely work correctly, and so far it hasn’t been a priority at NVIDIA. Therefore you will have to figure it out yourself, since NVIDIA isn’t interested in WOL support, thus it must come from community support. If you do get it working or do figure out that it can’t be done, then let me know and we can add it to the Jetson TK1 Wiki for others to know.