Wanna Share A Video Tutorial Series About Optimizing Tensorflow and Keras Model to TensorRT

Hi All,

After starting to try TensorRT optimization and I personally found difficulties here and there, so, I decide to make a video tutorial here how we can optimize deep learning model obtained using Keras and Tensorflow. I also demonstrate to optimize YOLOv3 for object detection. Hope it helps for those who begin trying TensorRT, and you don’t encounter similar difficulties as I experienced before.

  1. Optimizing Tensorflow to TensorRT:

  2. Visualizing model graph before and after TensorRT optimization:

  3. Optimizing Keras model to TensorRT:

  4. Optimizing YOLOv3:

  5. YOLOv3 sample result, before and after TensorRT optimization:

Great job, thanks for sharing!
Idea for improvement: you can explain the meaning of create_inference_graph() parameters and recommend appropriate values on particular platform