Want to execute matlab algorithms on Jetson TK1

i want to convert Matlab algorithms to executable that should run on Jetson TK1 CUDA cores. i have followed the steps to do it by adding hardware support package in Matlab 2018b and also installed CUDA 9.1 toolkit. but i don’t have GPU in my host machine. and also matlab is not recognizing nvcc commands.
so my first question is that is it necessary to have GPU in my host machine.
and secondly do ineed CUDA 6.5 as jetson TK1 support CUDA 6.5.
if someone can help me in running basic function from Matlab to jetson using gpu coder and nvcc.


The GPU on host PC is a must have to run the CUDA.

Thanks for instant reply. but i have done it without GPU on my Host machine.
using Jetson hardware support package install in Matlab and then connect my Host machine to Jetson TK1 via LAN