Want to talk to CHICAGO based people interested in Machinima

Hi all
I retired early from silicon valley and decided to write a tv script for fun. Got the pilot written, fixed up by one of the best script doctors and the show bible written. What I DON’T have is the tv show :-) What I’d like to do is bring this script to life using Machinima. I’d like to meet up with anyone able to meet up in downtown Chicago who is interested in this project.

I’m a HUGE fan of all things Nvidia given my exposure to CUDA using the Julia language, really great stuff!!! I think this Machinima is EXACTLY what I need.

We can discuss budget, equipment ( my buddy owns a tv studio), and a cunning plan when we meet. I see this as the next generation of tv production. Should be a blast!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!! looking for ANYONE who is interested. The valley was built by people who had NO clue what the limits were and didn’t listen to the “experts”

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Too bad I’m so far away :( seems like a good opportunity.

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Hi @antoni.caimari.caldes

I have designed the script to allow others to write content based on the characters by establishing a framework on which to build. It’s a concept I got from the Doctor Who series. It seems to me that Machinima is ideally suited to do this. It would be interesting to see how the opensource community would react to it. Thank you for taking an interest and such a positive comment.


Thank you for your reply. I believe that the Omniverse system, which includes Machinima, Create, Audio2face, View etc … has everything you need for film or television production.
It allows you to render in alpha in case you need to include 3d elements in real footage, or vice versa, include real actors in 3d worlds.
Or create everything in 3d.

Machinima works very well to create and animate scenes. I really like the camera and timeline system. It has very interesting effects for a final render. It also has a whole body movement system to apply to the characters.

Audio2Face is the ideal complement to create very real facial expressions based on audio files or live for the actors and then you can import the characters from machinima.

View is great for creating architectural environments and landscapes.

Another very important thing is that all work can be centralized on one or several servers and creators can work remotely in real time. Even thanks to the connectors, you can use third-party programs and interconnect everything. Omniverse is the future.


I’m on the same page as you, when I was thinking about this I had a chance meeting with a man called Syd Field and we discussed the future of content creation. My first boss was a man called Tom Perkins and he once told me to listen to those who had gone before and learn. So I listened to Mr Field and it seems obvious to me that the stumbling block was not just processing horse power BUT the missing component of active creative augmentation. Basically a helping hand when you need it. Something that allows you to get from wetware ( your imagination) to hardware ( the machine) without having to dumb your dream down to suit the machine. I think ( and you seem to confirm this) that Omniverse will bring us closer to that. In fact I have built just that concept into the script to reinforce the technology as part of the plotline. Using the plot to educate and inform, just like Doctor Who still does for me. I am lucky that my chum owns a tv studio with all the state of the art kit so it will be interesting to see what can be done.
Thank you for your observations.

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Great observations and teachers of life.
Yes! When I found out about the existence of this new software, in 5 minutes I saw clearly that they are facilitating team creation and I think that the evolution of their tools is very close to a more intuitive audience, to be able to express themselves without limits. I am an independent filmmaker from Mallorca (Spain) and I am investing my time in the machinima studio to develop my own 3d world.

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that is the valley for you, chance meetings lead to innovation. One of my best friends ( founder of wonderful company) has moved to Spain from Atherton, he’s LOVING it. I wish you all the luck in the world, especially the one YOU will be creating.

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Thanks! :)