Waring message(missing eksfile...)


When I do flash.sh for my TX1 module.
At the beginning of printing message as below show that “Waring:missing eksfile (bootloader/eks.img, continue…)”
Currently, the system seems work normally.
Should I take care anything for the waring message?

Warning: missing eksfile (bootloader/eks.img), continue…
copying bctfile(/home/wilson/Linux_for_Tegra_24.2.1/bootloader/t210ref/BCT/P2180_A00_LP4_DSC_204Mhz.cfg)… done.
copying initrd(/home/wilson/Linux_for_Tegra_24.2.1/bootloader/l4t_initrd.img)… done.
populating kernel to rootfs… done.
populating initrd to rootfs… done.
populating extlinux.conf.emmc to rootfs… done.
populating /home/wilson/Linux_for_Tegra_24.2.1/kernel/dtb/tegra210-jetson-tx1-p2597-2180-a01-devkit.dtb to rootfs… done.

*** The target t210ref has been flashed successfully. ***
Reset the board to boot from internal eMMC.


I don’t think that warning has any meaning. The flash software actually works with more than one board and several possible customizations and I see that message too but eks.img does not seem to be used for ordinary L4T flashes (at least on a Jetson).

Hi Linuxdev,

Appreciate your reply.