warning: missing terminating ' character

A system I use recently upgraded to PGI 11.3. In doing so I noticed a jillion of these warnings:

warning: missing terminating ' character

every time I compile my model. I never see these with 11.2 on a different machine.

It’s due to the fact that some comments in the code use apostrophes:

96 !  Estimate of friction velocity from previous step's drag coefficient

Is there any way to suppress these warnings without suppressing all non-severe warnings? (Or, if nothing changed between 11.2 and 11.3, could there be some environment variable I have set that is making these appear on the 11.3 machine and not on the 11.2?)


Hi Matt,

It’s not one of our warnings and in searching the web, it looks like it might be coming from cpp. Though, I can’t seem to get my version of cpp to emit the error so am not sure how to tunr if off (or in my case enable it).

  • Mat

Hmm. Glad to know it wasn’t anything wrong with PGI. The SLES I’m using has:

> rpm -q cpp

Looking at gcc-4.3.5 from GCC’s site, I do see in libcpp/lex.c:

 661   if (type == CPP_OTHER && CPP_OPTION (pfile, lang) != CLK_ASM)
 662     cpp_error (pfile, CPP_DL_PEDWARN, "missing terminating %c character",
 663           (int) terminator);

That said, I’m not sure if it should be triggering in comments…

Ah well, as long as it’s a warning, no bother.