Warning system (light&sound) with Jetson Nano


I’m developing an autonomous system based on Jetson Nano in which when the system detects a given input, it triggers a visual and acoustic alarm. I’ve seen this device, however, it is fed with 12V and the GPIO in JN is of 3.3V, is there an option to feed such device? Otherwise, please, could you recommend me with a long range visual light to be used with JN? Thanks

I don’t know exact requirements, but even if GPIO were the correct voltage, it isn’t even remotely capable of putting out that much current. GPIO would have to trigger a relay of some sort. A solid state relay would be ideal, but even this would require the GPIO to be buffered (e.g., through a TTL buffer, plus the buffer itself might need to then go through a bipolar transistor or FET).

A regular relay would also work, and likely be less expensive, but I like to avoid inductive loads. Incidentally, Jetsons are sensitive to power regulation quality, and so you’d want to be certain that the power source to the alarm is either a separate supply (not hard to do if this is on the A.C. side of the power), or else a different power rail (for example, if you have 12VDC powering the Jetson, you would not want to use that 12V for the alarm; you’d want something on a different regulator).

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GPIO can not provide current more than 2mA. Please check the Nano Design Guide doc in DLC for possible custom design.