** WARNING: Test Key is Used **

I have just tried reflashing and reinstalling all software on a Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit (8GB). I’m using NVMe for storage

On startup, my screen now displays a message: ** WARNING: Test Key is Used **

Is this something to be concerned about? I didn’t get this message after my first full installation so I wonder if something has gone wrong with the reflashing.

There are a few other questions from other users about this message on the forum, but they expired without any resolution so I’m opening this one in the hope of either:

  1. reassurance that this message doesn’t matter, or
  2. instructions on how to resolve it

Thanks for your help and attention


That log does not matter. Just some print.

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A bit more explanation: All content other than the rootfs is signed. Content which is not properly signed is refused during boot. On some models you can burn security fuses, and the fuses follow a custom private key. If fuses are not burned (and not all models have fuses), then the key is a NULL key. It’s just telling you that content is not using a custom key.

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