Warning with kit-extension-sample-ui-window : omni.example.ui_gradient_window


I have a warning with a kit extension sample, which is also a tutorial, when I close the extension.

The warning is :

[Warning] [omni.ext._impl._internal] omni.example.ui_gradient_window-1.0.1 -> <class 'omni.example.ui_gradient_window.extension.ExampleWindowExtension'>: extension object is still alive, something holds a reference on it. References: ["[0]:type: <class 'method'>, id: 2214107905992", "[1]:type: <class 'frame'>, id: 2214217502360", "[2]:type: <class 'frame'>, id: 2215098593352"]

And the link to the kit extension sample:

I am using Code v2022.3.0.

Do you know how to remove the warning?


Thank @Felix1234 for reporting this. I’ve opened OM-77093 to get this issue sorted out.

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