Warp and Blend with Clone mode

We have a system set up using a K5000 driving two projectors, each in “dualpipe” mode, to produce a pair of stereo 3D disdplays. Each projector has two connections to the GPU and stereo is generated using nView Clone mode where a different eye is sent down each of the two connections and the projector switches between them to provide active stereo.

I am trying to use the warp and blend api but have so far had no luck. Am I wasting my time with type of setup? We have it working with Mosaic on another system, but we can’t use Mosaic on this system due to the manor in which stereo is created.

This doc
suggests that in clone mode I should get a displayID per clone pair, but this does not seem to be the case, I reports that I have four displays rather than 2. Applying warping to the primary display seems to work, but only for the one eye of the pair that are presented by that projector, the other eye remains un warped.

So, as I asked earlier, am I wasting my time trying to get this to work with configuration ?