Warping and Blending 18 unique displays, is it possible?

Greetings, I am currently working on a large projection mapping installation in Tbilisi, Georgia.

One of the main center pieces of the building that our team is currently working on is a 25 meter long tunnel that is warped and blended via MadMapper software and using spliters though the installation that we are planning now will not work with this sort of setup.

We are planning a real time project using Azure Kinect for full body tracking, we need to warp and blend 18 projectors in the tunnel without the use of spliters and preferably have a unique audio/video signal for each projector, since each projector has its own speakers we could use it to produce unique sound zones.

What solutions are there to output 18 unique signals, since I think that even 4 GPUs would not provide enough ports, and will Nvidia Warp & Blend be able to handle mapping a project like this? The project itself is in Unity.

Thanks in advance.